Badlands Engagement Session: Kailey + Jarrett

It’s your girl, Jaice! I am starting a blog of all my recent travels and places that I want to go to take photos, as a part of my photo bucket list! If you don’t know this already, I LOVE to travel and of course take photos. The combo of traveling and doing some sightseeing WHILE taking photos for my clients is a obvi the ultimate dream! Without further ado, let's get this party started!!

In September 2023, I had a client reach out about an engagement session, their names are Kailey and Jarrett. They asked if I wanted to take their engagement photos, which of course I was down for. They originally wanted some photos in downtown South Dakota. We had lots of fun just goofing around and laughing downtown. The photos were also just gorgeous! BUT WAIT, it gets better… then they asked if I would be willing to go to the Badlands for their shoot! AHH! I was like OMG ABSOLUTELY YES!!  I have always wanted to go to the Badlands but had never gone before. Let me tell you, it was so beautiful and we had the best time! I just love and adore Kailey and Jarret. I had so much fun with their personalities. We went in late September so it wasn’t too hot or cold. It was literally perfect. We had time to do a bunch of different poses, like running together and jumping into each other's arms. They prob felt silly, but the photos were PERFECTION!! I think that picking two locations that may be special to you and your boo has so many benefits. For instance, you’ll have a larger selection of photos that look different and unique. Plus, you and your boo have the chance to capture your love in locations that may be sentimental to you! Also you get to spend more time with your fave photographer! ;)


Yours Truly 

Let's create some magic!

If you know someone or are willing to travel to do a destination photoshoot, you already know you can hit me up and let's plan a magical session!

Photo Bucket List:

-Pasadena, California

-Joshua Tree National Park

-Jackson Hole, Wyoming

-Houston, Texas

-Times Square, New York

-Phoenix, Arizona